Our Beeding Philosophy

We are no longer actively breeding. There have been many changes in the realm of Responsible or Preservation Breeders since we first started breeding. Most responsible or preservation breeders now have the same basic philosophy as mentioned below and are working diligently to improve the health of the breed while still maintaining the special temperament and structure of the breed.

Due to the fact that Bernese were nearly extinct at the turn of the 20th century there was a lot of inbreeding and line breeding done to bring the breed back. Along with this came the numerous health issues that are present in the breed. With this in mind we decided that our primary goal in breeding would be to work towards bettering the overall health of the breed and increase their longevity. It is our belief that inbreeding and line breeding, although they do have a place in breeding programs, decreases the immune system and thereby increases the possibility of  some of the diseases present in Berners. With this in mind and while still taking structure and temperament into consideration we have entered into extensive research looking for the "perfect" stud when we have bred. Some places we utilized in our research were OFA, Berner Garde, BMDped - a specialized health program dealing with Bernese pedigrees and various other internet sites. Roz made a trip out east in the spring of 2011 and met with 2 professional handlers, Bill & Sue Burrell, and another Bernese owner, Dorri Poppe. They have all shown dogs Internationally. They are all very knowledgeable in the breed characteristics and structure, as well as handling in the Conformation Show ring. She spent 2 intensive days learning from them about body structure, movement and handling. We both wish to thank them for sharing all their knowledge and for their continued support. Roz shows in AKC and UKC to confirm the dogs we choose to breed have good structure, substance, temperament and characteristics that are a good representation of the breed. We have always made every effort to confirm any information used in our choice of breeding pairs.

We are not actively breeding at this time but can help you find a reputable breeder. We recommend looking for your regional AKC Bernese Mountain Dog club and reaching out to people and breeders through that club, attend events they have and meet people. Looking for a responsibly bred Bernese Mountain Dog is about more than just looking for AKC registered parents.  Reputable or Preservation Breeders will be the ones concerned with producing healthy puppies and will do what is required to promote that end. They will also be a great support system for you throughout the life of your puppy. In Michigan the Breed Club is the Heart Of Michigan Bernese Mountain Dog Club and can be found at http://www.hmbmdc.org/ 

We are still willing to help you find a responsible breeder if you desire assistance. 


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