I’m married and have 3 grown children and 10 grandchildren. I was an RN in Surgical Intensive care for 30 years and retired 5 years ago.

 I had a known tick bite Apr 2013. In Feb 2014 I became ill and had many symptoms that came on all at once. I never was able to return to work and retired in Aug 2014. I saw many specialists and had a multitude of tests that all came back normal. I was unable to drive for about 9 months and had difficulty even riding in a car due to profound dizziness. I couldn’t walk around my house without holding onto cabinets, tables, walls etc. I had difficulty thinking and processing information. My concentration was terrible. I also had visual disturbances and constant fatigue and no energy or strength. All of these symptoms came on rapidly, basically overnight. 

I did have testing for Lyme disease but only had 2 positive markers and by the CDC criteria you need 3 positive markers to get a diagnosis of Lyme disease. I began doing a lot of research and discovered the poor results our testing has for diagnosing Lyme disease but couldn’t get the medical community to even consider that as a diagnosis. I did find out about an international group of physicians and scientists, ILADS, that are studying tick born diseases. I had about 75% of the symptoms they talked about and most in the moderate to severe range. There weren’t any doctors near me that were using ILADS philosophies in dealing with tick born diseases. Treatment in other areas with these physicians wasn’t covered by insurance and runs thousands of dollars and was something I couldn’t afford. This began my quest to find health on my own. 

I began using OTC essential oils to the best of my ability from my research. As time went on I developed a fungal infection that started with one toenail and then encompassed the whole foot. Then moved to my hands and then to the other foot. During this time I also developed a lot of GI issues. The doctors would only treat my symptoms with short term medication and weren’t looking for a cause. I just continued getting worse. When it became a full body rash they still said it wasn’t infection related and wouldn’t treat it as an infection. By this time my immune system was shot. I had been on high dose steroids 5 or 6 times over about 3 years. I had been on numerous antibiotics but never one to address the Lyme disease I felt was underlying all of my symptoms and only on an oral antifungal medication one time for 2 weeks. I did have a short course of the most common drug used to treat Lyme disease, for a different infection, and did have exactly the reactions that are expected when treating Lyme disease but they still continued to say I didn’t have Lyme disease.

In Oct 2017 I knew I wasn’t able to do this on my own and knew I wasn’t getting the results from the essential oils, and other methods I had used, that I felt I should so I joined Young Living. In Dec 2017 I met with a lady to help me work on diet as it relates to illness and disease. Then in the spring 2018 I got rid of all the toxic products I had in my home. These 3 things have been a Godsend for me. 

As my body went through detoxification my rash did get worse and I also developed another infection, cellulitis of the ankle. I spent a week in the hospital although my ankle was improved overall I was worse when I came out than when I went in. They put me on another round of high dose steroids and a month later my new dermatologist put me on a potent immune suppressant. I continued to work on toxin free lifestyle, diet, and using Young Living essential oils and supplements to support my body and help it heal and get rid of the raging infections I had. I stopped going to the doctor expecting that they would look for and treat the cause of what I had going on. It took me 5 months to come off of that last high dose steroid round. Then a few months later I was able to start weaning that potent immune suppressant medication. It took me 6 mos to come off of that but I’ve been off of it since April 1, 2019. 

I still had rash flare ups but not anything like it was before. They are almost nonexistent now, Oct, 2019. I treat my flare ups by bumping up my support of my body and helping it heal. Now that I am not knocking my immune system down with the steroids and immune suppressant medications my body is going through the final healing stages. It took me a long time to get in the shape I was in and I can’t expect overnight results to heal my body from all that insult. I’ve lost a lot of weight, have tons of energy, can think clearly again and look younger. My biggest Ah Ha moment was Sept., 2018 when I realized I had my “Happy” back. I will be forever grateful for all the support and knowledge I’ve gotten from working with Young Living members and for the purity of their products that are helping my body heal. 


LET ME HELP YOU. Please see my other pages for more information about my journey and  specifics off what I  have done and products I've used.