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We are Bill & Roz Salbenblatt and live on 1 1/2 acres in Flushing, Michigan. We're both retired. Bill judges timing and penalties for Michigan Competing Band Association, Marching Band shows and the Michigan Color Guard Circuit, Winter Guard. He has been involved in many aspects of band and color guard since the 1970s, including the Booster association when our kids were in Marching Band.. It's a passion of his. Roz is a retired RN and worked in Surgical ICU for over 30 years. She was also active in the Marching Band Booster organization and headed up the group of sewing moms, making uniforms and flags often from drawings/sketches on not much more than a napkin. Roz has always been very detail oriented. This aided in making patterns for the marching band sewing projects, then when breeding Bernese Mountain Dogs, and most recently in her quest to return to health when it became evident, to her, that the traditional medical community wasn't addressing the base of the increasing health issues she was having. She is now working on sharing her experiences in her return to health in hopes of aiding others that have similar issues. Please see the Journey to Health pages for more information on her journey and for things that may aide you.

We have 3 adult daughters and their families. Jackie and Mo have 1 young adult daughter and 2 sons. Karen and Rob have 1 young adult son who will be entering the Army soon, and twin teenage boys. Sarah and Ryan have 2 sons and 1 daughter. We love spending time with all of them. Our grandkids range from 1 1/2 yrs old - 22 yrs old.  Karen and Rob and their family live in another state so we don't see them as much as we would like. 

We have a cabin on Higgins Lake, Michigan in the CCCOA, Camp Curnalia Cottage Owners Association. This land was originally given to the American Legion for  select use of veterans, their spouses and families in the very early 1900s. We have since become an association but it retains the same basic philosophy and is for the use of Veterans, their spouses and families. You must be a veteran to buy in the association. For more information on the association see 



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Trueheart Bernese

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